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How to Cook Sausages

Whether you’re looking to finesse the fry, or fire up the grill we’re here to talk you through the best ways of cooking sausages from braising to BBQs.

Soggy sausages? Limp Lincolnshires? Burnt Bratwurst? You’ve come to the right place. Nobody said cooking sausage is easy but with our how-to guide it couldn’t be simpler.

Find out the best way to cook your meat-free sausages and the best recipes to use them in!

Pan Fry

Probably the most popular way to cook sausages – and one of the quickest. Simply add a splash of oil to help caramelise your sausages, keep on a medium to high heat and turn frequently so they colour up evenly all over. A crispy fried coating adds a delicious texture outside the sausage for a tasty bite!

We recommend pan frying our Vegetarian Sausages for all your meat-free cooking. Try these in our Quorn Sausage, Rocket and Roasted Pepper Salad where Vegetarian Sauages are fried and tossed with pesto and pepper!


BBQing bangers is the perfect way to cook al-fresco and adds a delicious smoky flavour to your sausages – weather permitting of course! Spray or brush your sausages with a little oil to prevent sticking to the grill. Turn often, and once coloured well you can move to a less direct heat source on the barbie (i.e. if your hot coals are on one side). They will finish off cooking slightly slower, ensuring they don’t burn and are kept the perfect temperature to eat hot off the grill!

Try our classic Sausage in Buns recipe – on the BBQ, topped with delicious, cider onions and your favourite sauces. Recipe here.


Braising is a delicious way to finish off cooking sausages - especially if you’re making bangers and mash or winter comfort food recipes. Simply pan fry your sausages first to add a colour to all sides, then put them back into your sauce or homemade gravy to simmer for the last few minutes of cooking. The result? Perfectly cooked sausages with the added depth of flavour from your sauce!

You can braise your Vegetarian Sausages in our Sausage and Bean stew recipe. Just pan fry them for a few minutes, and simmer in the shakshuka until the flavours soak in. Try braising, here.

Air Fry

If you’re anything like us then you’re probably mad on air-frying. Air-frying is a great way to cook all your favourite Quorn products quickly and evenly, and with a lot less added fat! Sausages can also sizzle in an air fryer. Simply preheat, evening coat with a little brushed oil and shake once or twice during cooking.

Our Crispy Battered Sausage Bites recipe can be made in an air fryer if deep-frying isn’t your forte. Just go easy on the batter and remember not to overfill! Try the recipe here.


Grilling is great for slightly fatter sausages (or when the weather is too poor to BBQ). Just brush your sausages with a little oil and turn regularly to ensure they cook and caramelise evenly. Be careful not to burn! There’s nothing worse than an over-charred sausage!

Try grilled meat-free sausages in our Vegetarian Sausages with Colcannon Mash recipe. This classic meal is great with any of our sausage products. You can leave your sausages to grill while you cook your mash and gravy!

Ready to take the reigns on cooking sausages? View our range of meat-free sausages here and all our vegetarian sausages recipes for more inspo!

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