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Quorn Net Positive Report 2022 – Out Now

We are pleased to announce that our 2022 Net Positive Report which covers our progress towards our 2030 Net Positive ambition is now available for download here.

First introduced in the Sustainable Development Report 2019, our Net Positive ambition is what will drive our journey to becoming a more sustainable business over the next 30 years.

Net Positive is defined as our approach to building a sustainable business that has a positive impact on people, the planet and the food system.

In our new 2022 report, our Net Positive ambition now has a clear pathway to 2030, with 17 goals split over four key pillars:

  • Positive Supply
  • Positive Operations
  • Positive Product
  • Positive Society

You can find out more about each of these key pillars in our new report, along with our journey so far and what we will do next to help achieve our targets.

Using Positive Operations as an example, one of the goals is ‘Our business operations are carbon net zero’. We have made good progress with a drop in our absolute emissions of 72% in 2021 compared to 2012 by increasing our use of renewable energy. We recognise that we still have a way to go if we want to achieve our carbon net zero goals, so we are looking for alternatives to fossil fuels through deep decarbonisation projects, such as removing natural gas, and a green hydrogen solution.

Within the report, you will also find several case studies around initiatives to support the environment as well as how we have engaged with wider society, such as opening community kitchens with charity partners.

Our unique ingredient, Quorn mycoprotein, continues to lead the way on sustainability. Low carbon, low land use, low water use, high in fibre and no cholesterol – you’ll find much more information around this unique ingredient within the report too. We are proud to make a healthy protein, for people and the planet.

Our Net Positive Report 2022 and the pillars we have identified give us confidence in our sustainability strategy, confirming we are on the right track to be Net Positive by 2030. Our journey to Net Positive will be updated biennially through this report.

You can download the full Net Positive Report 2022 here.

For more information on Sustainability at Quorn Foods, please click here.

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