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Recruitment agencies

Quorn Foods request that recruitment agencies do not forward CV’s speculatively or in relation to any of the roles advertised on our website. Should we require any recruitment agency involvement we will contact the agency direct and instruct them.

Please never send us CVs unless we have explicitly requested your company to do so in respect of a specific vacancy. We consider it “spoiling” – attempting to lay prior claim over a given candidate and we consider this to be unprofessional conduct. We will not be impressed and neither will your candidate.

Our colleagues will not respond to unsolicited contact through any form of social media including LinkedIn. If we want to work with your agency, we will engage with you in a professional manner and, only then, after signing a formal Agreement with you.

We will not recognise submissions of unsolicited or speculative CV applications from recruitment agencies and will not be liable for any fee/commission should we employ a candidate that applied to us directly or through an instructed agency that may also have been submitted as an unsolicited or speculative application from an uninstructed recruitment agency.

Submission of any unsolicited CVs to us by your company will be deemed evidence of full and unlimited acceptance by your company of these terms, and agreement by your company that these terms are the totality of any commercial or contractual relationship whatsoever between our companies in respect of the candidate(s) whose unsolicited CVs were thus sent.